Artist Spotlight: Jerry Kumery

Jerry Kumery

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Thoughts on Photography

Photography is art or a form of art. I like to set a mood, an atmosphere, a feeling, with my cameras.

I strive to take photographs, not snapshots……there is a difference.

I started photographing in a serious way in 1984. My first telephoto image was taken through a spotting scope in Thatcher Woods of a juvenile Great Horned Owl, high up in a Cottonwood Tree. It was awful, but I still have it to remind me that bird photography is not easy and never to take it for granted.

Bird photography has no limits. You never fulfill all your goals. You never get the ultimate photograph. There is always another behavior to document on film or another species to photograph. The possibilities are endless — birds flying, hunting, feeding, nesting, displaying or swimming.

Jerry Kumery

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