The Water Protectors of Standing Rock

The Water Protectors of Standing Rock
Sunday, February 12 – 2 pm
La Grange Park Library
555 N LaGrange Road
The President of Midwest SOARRING and the Vice President of Save The Prairie Society, Joseph Standing Bear Schranz will be speaking about the peaceful protests
of the Standing Rock Sioux to protect their own water supply and to protect the Missouri River from damaging pipeline leaks.

oil pipeline leaks
“Since 2010, over 3,300 incidents of crude oil and liquefied natural gas leaks or ruptures have occurred on U.S. pipelines. These incidents have killed 80 people, injured 389 more, and cost $2.8 billion in damages. They also released toxic, polluting chemicals in local soil, waterways, and air.”  Center for Effective Government.
It is with this knowledge that Native Americans from across the country have decided to make a stand against the powerful oil industry to protect what they hold sacred – life giving water. Joseph will talk about what they have endured, the support  they have received, their plans for the future, and the powerful forces that have allied themselveswith oil industry.