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10 Most Unwanted Plants

Canada thistle
Cut-leaved teasel
European buckthorn
Garlic mustard
Gray dogwood
Multiflora rose
Purple loosestrife
Reed canary grass
White sweet clover
Wild parsnip

We need to get the word out about these 10 Most Unwanted Plants. People need to know how much damage they are doing to our forests, savannas, prairies, wetlands and our own backyards!

People need to recognize them when they see them and report them to the authorities.

I am making Wanted Posters to put up in my neighborhood. If we all do this, these intruders will not be able to sneak around and make more trouble.

You can color these drawings on the computer. If you have a PC*, right click the drawing and select “Save Picture As.” Then save the drawing onto the desktop or into a folder you name "10MostUnwanted."

Next, open the “Paint” application by clicking Start, then Programs, then Accessories, then Paint. This will open the Paint application onto your desktop.

In the Paint application click File, then Open and then go to the folder or the desktop where you have stored the drawing. When you click the drawing, it will open in the applicaiton.

To paint, select the brush, then in the tool bar at the bottom select the width of brush and color. Begin to color. If you make a mistake, click Edit, then undo and your last brush stroke will disappear.

When you are finished, save your colored drawing from within Paint by clicking Edit and then Save or Save As if you want to save the colored drawing without changing the uncolored drawing.

You can print out your colored drawing and then add to it with regular art supplies to create an Wanted Poster!

*If you have a Mac, then open any paint application, and then open the drawing in that application.