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History of the Restoration Site

Role of Buffer Sites in Preserving Biodiversity

Project Goals and Purpose

Restoration Strategy and Methods

Site Biodiversity
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List of Plants -- Introduced

The three natural features on the restoration site -- savanna, stream corridor and prairie upland -- present a fertile landscape for natural area recovery.

Individual plants introduced to the site include:

Wild onion
Nodding wild onion
Big bluestem grass
Little bluestem grass
Swamp milkweed
Sky blue astor
Prairie brome
Wild hyacinth
Tall coreopsis
Purple coneflower
Silky wild rye
Virginia wild rye
Rattlesnake master
Spotted Joe Pye weed
Fowl manna grass
Great St. John's wort
Bottlebrush grass
Rough blazing star
Marsh blazing star
Wild bergamot
Switch grass
Smooth beardtongue
Prairie obedient plant
Rough white lettuce
Glaucous white lettuce
Yellow coneflower
Compass plant
Prairie dock
Riddell's goldenrod
Stiff goldenrod
Indian grass
Slender wedge grass
Common ironweed
Golden Alexanders

photos by Cynthia Gehrie and Todd Bannor