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History of the Restoration Site

Role of Buffer Sites in Preserving Biodiversity
  --Protecting Original
  --Providing Habitat for
  Native Species

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Providing Habitat for Native Species

Many of our native wildlife species are dependent upon specialized ecosystems and host plants for their life cycles and survival. Development and urbanization / agriculture have displaced native Illinois species, bringing many to the point of extinction. Prairie flowers like the puccoon will not grow when transplanted. Other species like Indian paintbrush and white fringed orchid are dependent upon specific soil types and conditions.

For native species to thrive, they require a quality environment that is both resource rich and large enough to support diverse populations. Birds and animals depending on Hickory Lane for habitat include red-tailed hawk, Coopers hawk, white-tailed deer, fox and coyote.

photo by Kat Kazunas

In assessing the “Principles of Diversity Relating to Preservation and Management Requirements of the Wolf Road Prairie Nature Preserve,” Ralph Thorton, retired Land Manager for the Forest Preserve District of Cook County, summarized spacial and biological principles that result in high biodiversity.*