Remove invasive brush and non-native trees

  Apply herbicide s necessary

  Convert areas of mowed turf grass to propagation beds of native plant species

  Introduce approximately one thousand individual plants of approximately 40 species to the beds in spring/early summer in 2002 and 2003

  Broadcast seed into newly prepared propagation beds

  Control weeds and water newly planted plugs

  Introduce prescribed burns

  Collect seed for continuing restoration requirements
Click image for larger version and photo data An area of turf grass is identified for conversion to native plant propagation beds, the ground is flagged and herbicide is applied to the lawn. Notice the color difference between treated and untreated lawn.
Click image for larger version and photo data A work crew from PIzzo and Associates, ecological restoration contractor for the project, begins installation of one-to-two year old native plants grown from Wolf Road Prairie seeds at the University of Illinois, Chicago greenhouse.
Click image for larger version and photo data Over 40 species of native grasses, sedges and forbs were transferred from flats to the propagation beds and to the uplands along the stream corridor.

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