Come and Enjoy Earth Day at Wolf Road Prairie

Earth Day 2017  is upon us on April 22.

Meet at the Prairie House to work on beautiful Wolf Road Prairie which will have many of its Spring plants blooming.  A workday is also scheduled for both the Wolf Road Prairie and the garden of the Prairie House from 1 to 3 PM.

Also, from 1 to 4 PM you can drop off Food Pantry items on the Prairie House deck for those in need.

This Earth Day Save, Save The Prairie Society is hosting a photo contest. Contest photos must be taken on Earth Day either of the Prairie or the historic Prairie House. The winning photo will be used on our websites, the garden kiosk, our newsletters, our annual report, and be submitted to the Doings Newspaper. All postings of the winning photo will be credited with the winning photographer’s name.The winner will also receive a free T-shirt. The Prairie House Insider and the annual report will be free for one year. Directions for submissions will be available at the Prairie House on 4/22.

Prairie Work

As part of the work of restoring Wolf Road Prairie is to remove and manage the invasive species –  doing what nature did before the Europeans came to the Americas.  Prairie fires would sweep across sometimes hundreds of thousands of acres periodically.  This natural cycle of periodic burns were necessary to maintain the balance between prairies, savannas and woods.  This spring, as in previous years, volunteers participated in burns as well as removing invasive plants at Wolf Road Prairie.

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Woodcock Watches & Youtube Video

E.J. Neafsey will be conducting our Woodcock spotting event on both March 31,  and April 8.

John Banaszak will be hosting the event on April 1 and April 7. Starting time just before sunset.

Meet at thewoosck paco lyptic Franzosenbusch Prairie House at 11225 Constitution Drive in Westchester, Illinois.

Wolf Road Prairie is one of the few places in Cook County where you can still see the male woodcock’s daring courtship flight. Join us on the deck of the Prairie House and help us spot the woodcock’s spiraling ascent followed by his speedy descent as he zigzags back to earth.
 He has rhythm. Watch his moves on Youtube.

Trends in Backyard Wildlife

March 19, 2017 @ 2:00 pm at the LaGrange Park Public Library
555 N La Grange Rd
La Grange Park, IL 60526
Naturalist and popular speaker, Jack MacRae will be speaking on recent population changes in our suburban backyards. While some species are on the increase others are on the decline. Find out what is affecting this shift in numbers and how our own backyard habits and use are impacting cooper hawk web raccoon coyote dwildlife.

New Franzosenbusch Heritage Site

The new Franzosenbusch Heritage Project website is available.  The new site ( will include all the old material and over the next few weeks add some new material along with some re-writes.  Please be patient during the transition.Dscn0256 house with flag small for email-2

Franzosenbusch, a mid-nineteenth century community of German immigrants, was centered around the crossroads of 22nd Street and Wolf Road.  The name Franzosenbusch is German for “Frenchman’s Woods”.  The different construction periods of the Prairie House depict more than 150 years of human history against the backdrop of Wolf Road Prairie Nature Preserve.

The Water Protectors of Standing Rock

The Water Protectors of Standing Rock
Sunday, February 12 – 2 pm
La Grange Park Library
555 N LaGrange Road
The President of Midwest SOARRING and the Vice President of Save The Prairie Society, Joseph Standing Bear Schranz will be speaking about the peaceful protests
of the Standing Rock Sioux to protect their own water supply and to protect the Missouri River from damaging pipeline leaks.

oil pipeline leaks
“Since 2010, over 3,300 incidents of crude oil and liquefied natural gas leaks or ruptures have occurred on U.S. pipelines. These incidents have killed 80 people, injured 389 more, and cost $2.8 billion in damages. They also released toxic, polluting chemicals in local soil, waterways, and air.”  Center for Effective Government.
It is with this knowledge that Native Americans from across the country have decided to make a stand against the powerful oil industry to protect what they hold sacred – life giving water. Joseph will talk about what they have endured, the support  they have received, their plans for the future, and the powerful forces that have allied themselveswith oil industry.

America’s Lost Landscape: The Tallgrass Prairie

America’s Lost Landscape: The Tallgrass Prairie

January 22, 2017 – 2 PM at the LaGrange Park Library,  555 N LaGrange Roaddscf7419

This beautiful and informative film was crafted by some of the same people that worked with Ken Burns on many of his historic films.

“This is the story of the rich and complex story of one of the most astonishing alterations of nature in human history.

“Prior to Euro-American settlement in the 1820’s, one of the major landscape features of North America was 240 million acres of tallgrass prairie. But between 1830 and 1900 – in the space of a single lifetime- the tallgrass prairie was steadily transformed to farmland.

“This drastic change in the landscape also brought about an enormous social change for Native Americans, in an equally short term their cultural imprint was reduced, in essence, to a handful of place-names appearing on maps.

“The extraordinary cinematography of prairie remnants, original score and archival images are all delicately interwoven to create a powerful and moving viewing experience about the natural and cultural history of America.”

A Holiday Sampler of a Czech Christmas and a German Christmas.

December 4 at 2 pm
What was a traditional Christmas like for these two countries? Learngerman-christmas  
about their customs and traditional foods.
Historical presenter Patricia Reaves will take you on a journey to Christmas
Past with real artifacts, a slide show, and samples of traditional food.
                                   FREE  EVENT
La Grange Park Library – 555 N La Grange Road.

OWLS — the November Event

Tuesday, Nov. 29 – 1 pm
The community room of the La Grange Park Library
555 N LaGrange Road between Ogden Ave. and 31st Street – east side of
La Grange Rd.steve-kiecker-2016-09-16
Presenter: Susan Dombro of the Cook County Forest Preserves
The adaptations that enable owls to hunt at night are wondrous, setting them apart from all other raptors. Learn about these adaptations, and the unique habits of the eastern screech owls and the great-horned owls that live in our local preserves.  Bring your questions and stay for refreshments. ( Photo by Steve Kiecker )
The community room of the La Grange Park Library 555 N LaGrange Road between Ogden Ave. and 31st Street on the east side of
La Grange Rd.