Seiffen: Germany’s Most Famous Christmas Village

santa dover

LaGrange Park Library – 2 pm on Sunday, December 14


A video on the folk traditions of Seiffen, Germany’s most famous Christmas Village, will be presented to show how their holiday crafts, exported all over the world, were made. Follow the stories of nutcrackers, incense burners, toys made on the lathe, as well as the miner’s tradition of the candle Schwibbogen.


A discussion and holiday treats will follow.

Wolf Road Prairie: Flowers, Fire, Ice, Native Americans, A Big Fight, Monarchs, Leopold’s Land Ethic, and More

js720_DSCN0127Please join us for a lecture by Save the Prairie Society Associate Director Dr. EJ Neafsey at the LaGrange Park Public Library on Novemeber 16th, 2014.

Dr. Neafsey’s lecture, entitled Wold Road Prairie: Flowers, Fire, Ice, Native Americans, A Big Fight, Monarchs, Leopold’s Land Ethic, and More, will cover topics such as flora, fauna, and the history of Wolf Road Prairie.


Event details here!


Wolf Road Prairie at Westchester Public Library

Going on now through the month of October, a display of photographs and artistic renderings of Wolf Road Prairie can be found on the second floor of Westchester Public Library. Featured are awe-inspiring shots of Wolf Road Prairie’s amazing flora and fauna, photos of STPS-led guided tours, and paintings which reveal the natural beauty of the prairie landscape. Stop by Westchester Public Library and see this wonderful installation for yourself!



All About Deer!

deerAt 7 pm on Wednesday, March 26 in the community room of the LaGrange Park Library ( 555 N LaGrange Road ), Yvonne Woulse from the Little Red School House will be answering questions and sharing her knowledge about the white-tailed deer, Cook County’s largest resident mammal.  Learn about their life cycle, eating habits, and survival techniques.  The more you understand about the deer, the more you will appreciate their enduring presence.  Hope to see you there!  (Photo by Vito Martino)

deer  winter fiden

Flight of the Woodcock!

American_Woodcock_Scolopax_minorThe Save the Prairie Society is hosting three evenings of Woodcock viewing this spring.  Please join us to see the after-dusk-courtship flight of the male woodcock as he does his best to attract a mate.  The intense serenade of the male chorus frogs should also be taking place.

Mark your calendars for the following dates to experience this dramatic springtime ritual:


  • Saturday –  March 29
  • Friday –  April 4 
  • Saturday – April 5

We will meet at 7 pm on each evening on the deck of the Prairie House, 11225 Constitution Drive, Westchester.  Please dress accordingly for the weather.  This is a free event.  (Photos by Mary Cray)  Woodcock Eggs


Escape the frigid cold and join us at the LaGrange Park Library, 555 N LaGrange Road on Sunday, February 23, at 2pm for a heartwarming presentation by Steetcar aficionado and storyteller Jack Doyle.  Jack will share his knowledge of streetcars and his summer experiences in Toronto, Canada.  Toronto is recognized as having the largest and most efficient streetcar system in North America.  This “green” system enjoys high satisfaction ratings from its many users and is hailed as a model for cities looking to cut back their own Co2 output.  An excellent photographer, Jack has many slides showcasing streetcars throughout Toronto.  Questions and refreshments will follow this free event, which is sponsored by the Franzosenbusch Heritage Project (  For more information call 708-354-5512, or visit



The Big Year

Come in out of the cold and spend a cozy afternoon watching a great film – The Big Year –  at the Thomas Ford Memorial Library in Western Springs ( on the corner of Chestnut and Wolf Road ) on Wednesday, January 29, at 2 pm.  This movie, starring Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson, is a true adventure story about three birders vying to win the record for the most bird species spotted in a year.  You don’t have to be a birder to enjoy this action-filled plot punctuated with humor and wit.big year

A Traditional German Christmas

christmasTake a break from the hustle and bustle of the season to join us on Sunday, December 15, at 2 pm at the Westchester Library (10700 Canterbury Street) for a trip back in time to glimpse how Christmas was celebrated long ago.  STPS director and Riverside-Brookfield High School German teacher, Patricia Reaves will re-create Christmas-past by bringing to light many of our commonly used holiday customs.  See samples of ornaments and decorations from the Old Country, and discover the symbolism, lore, and legends that lie behind our cherished Christmas traditions.  Afterward, guests will be able to sample German holiday treats along with a simmering hot drink while sharing their own family traditions or just listening to other guests relate their own customs.