Escape the frigid cold and join us at the LaGrange Park Library, 555 N LaGrange Road on Sunday, February 23, at 2pm for a heartwarming presentation by Steetcar aficionado and storyteller Jack Doyle.  Jack will share his knowledge of streetcars and his summer experiences in Toronto, Canada.  Toronto is recognized as having the largest and most efficient streetcar system in North America.  This “green” system enjoys high satisfaction ratings from its many users and is hailed as a model for cities looking to cut back their own Co2 output.  An excellent photographer, Jack has many slides showcasing streetcars throughout Toronto.  Questions and refreshments will follow this free event, which is sponsored by the Franzosenbusch Heritage Project (  For more information call 708-354-5512, or visit



The Big Year

Come in out of the cold and spend a cozy afternoon watching a great film – The Big Year –  at the Thomas Ford Memorial Library in Western Springs ( on the corner of Chestnut and Wolf Road ) on Wednesday, January 29, at 2 pm.  This movie, starring Steve Martin, Jack Black, and Owen Wilson, is a true adventure story about three birders vying to win the record for the most bird species spotted in a year.  You don’t have to be a birder to enjoy this action-filled plot punctuated with humor and wit.big year

A Traditional German Christmas

christmasTake a break from the hustle and bustle of the season to join us on Sunday, December 15, at 2 pm at the Westchester Library (10700 Canterbury Street) for a trip back in time to glimpse how Christmas was celebrated long ago.  STPS director and Riverside-Brookfield High School German teacher, Patricia Reaves will re-create Christmas-past by bringing to light many of our commonly used holiday customs.  See samples of ornaments and decorations from the Old Country, and discover the symbolism, lore, and legends that lie behind our cherished Christmas traditions.  Afterward, guests will be able to sample German holiday treats along with a simmering hot drink while sharing their own family traditions or just listening to other guests relate their own customs.


#GivingTuesday is a great day for giving back to your favorite charity or non-profit. Save the Prairie Society and its Franzosenbusch Heritage Project have dedicated over 30 years to their mission of conservation and restoration to Wolf Road Prairie and the historic Franzosenbusch House. Our all-volunteer organization needs your help–if you love nature and history, please consider donating to our mission. There are a few ways you can contribute;



Click here to check out our donation page where you can donate easily and securely online through Paypal, Amazon, or Network for Good.


Or, send a check made out to “Save the Prairie Society” or “The Franzosenbusch Heritage Project” to


Save the Prairie Society

11225 Constitution Drive

Westchester, IL 60154


If you cannot donate, the best way you can help us is by spreading the word! Please Like, share, and tweet this blog and our sites.


Thank you for helping; our ecological and historical efforts are dependent on people getting involved–people like you!

Flowers: How They Changed The World

Please join us on Sunday, October 27, at 2 pm in the Community Room of the LaGrange Park Library (555 N LaGrange Rd.) to hear Dr. William Burger, curator emeritus of the Field Museum’s Botany Department (and frequent visitor to Wolf Road Prairie), speak about the role of flowers in the development of the natural world.

Burger's BookHis popular book, Flowers: How They Changed The World  is now used as a text book in many universities.  Although his book is based on scientific research, it is written in a language accessible to the layman.  For information on this great work, check out the books official website here.




Please stay after this informative lecture for a lively discussion with Dr. Burger while enjoying a cup of coffee.


This is a free event.

For the Birds

Keith Brennan, owner of Brookfield’s popular For The Birds ( located at 9207 Broadway in Brookfield ) is hosting an open house for Save The Prairie Society on Monday, May 13 from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Keith Brennan


Keith, an ardent bird lover, will share practical tips on attracting birds. Light refreshments will be served. If you have not yet had a chance to visit this local store, this would be an opportune time to see garden merchandise that is both beautiful and practical. For the Birds is a wonderful place for your outdoor needs or for shopping for gifts for those friends and family members who love nature. So bring a friend and join us for an informative evening.

Space is limited so please make a reservation: contact and leave a message.

You may also visit For the Birds online!

Genealogy Workshop

Please come and join us for a hands-on experience in both beginning and advanced genealogical research on Sunday, May 5, at 2pm  in the conference room of the Westchester Library (10700 Canterbury Road).  Our history specialists Patricia Reaves and Shirley Slanker will be on hand to help with passenger lists, church records, sources, and geography.  If you need assistance with German documents, they can also translate them for you.  Visit

to learn about the Prairie House and our local history.  (Image courtesty of

Coyotes in our Midst

Please join us on Sunday, April 7, at 2 pm at the LaGrange Park Library (555 N. La Grange Road) for an informative and enlightening presentation on the suburban coyote.  Cook County Forest Preserve naturalist Melina Peters will answer your questions regarding its habits, life cycle, and what to expect if you happen to encounter one of these fascinating creatures.  Coffee will  be provided.  For more information call 708-354-5512.

Exploring Climate Change

Please join speaker Rick Knight at the LaGrange Park Library (555 N. La Grange Road) on Sunday, March 10, at 2 pm to learn even more than you may already know about the “hot-button” issue, Climate Change, using the latest findings and research, as well as long-term studies.  There will be time for questions, comments, and coffee at this free event, which is sponsored by Save The Prairie Society.  For more information, call 708-354-5512.