Poetry On The Porch

The will be Poetry on the Franzosenbusch Prairie House porch on Sunday, October 2 from 1-3 pm
Hosted by Drew Reaves
Create or read your favorite poem inspired by nature. Relax with friends and
new acquaintancesand be inspired by Wolf Road Prairie.
Enjoy refreshments.  Beginners are welcome.

Prairie Fest 2016

fid red tailed wrp 16It is that time of the year for the Prairie Fest at the Franzosenbusch Prairie House on Wolf Road Prairie (11225 Constitution Drive, Westchester, Illinois).  The Fest will be on Saturday, September 3 from 11 AM to 4 PM.

This year’s FEST will include past favorites as well as a new attraction.
  • As many as 10  birds of prey from Northern Illinois Raptors will be shown from 11 am to 1 pm  on the glove. Learn about their anatomy, physiology, and their individual stories.   Visit northernillinoisraptor.org
  • Dona Benkert’s dulcimer group will be playing on the house porch starting at 11:30 AM.
  • Civil War reenactors with full regulation issued uniforms and equipment.
  • Mickey Anderson will be demonstrating wool spinning.
  • Rita Dowd will display her beautiful quilts.
  • Basket Raffles Prairie Fest 2 Prairie Fest 3 Prairie Image 1
  • Brats and Hot Dogs provided by Shell gas station at Ogden and York Road.
  • Arts and Craft Vendors on the Prairie House parkway
  • The History of Wolf Road Prairie  presented by Dr. E.J. Neafsey
  • Genealogy by Patricia Reaves
  • Prairie Tours
  • Doc Grayson will be on the porch to analyze your handwriting, starting at 1  pm –  no charge.
      Come, relax and enjoy!

Adult Coloring

Adult Coloring
August 7, 1- 3 PM

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There is no better way to relax and achieve a state of mindfulness than adult coloring. This trend in artful expression is a chance to be creative without any prior artistic experience. We will supply the sheets, coloring tools, and a bit of guidance. So join us on the Prairie House porch, 11225 Constitution Dr.  from 1 to 3 pm. $5 fee for supplies. For more information, call 708-354-5512.

Effects of Climate Change on Bird Migration

Naturalist Ron Skleney will discuss . . .
– What effect does climate change have on bird migration?
– What factors determine the timing of their migration?
feather2How is the food they depend upon impacted by temperature differences?
Ron will help us sort through the research and find emerging patterns
La Grange Park Library
555 N LaGrange Park Library
North of Ogden and South of 31st Street
May 17, Tuesday at 7 pm
Questions and discussion to follow.
For more information, call 708-354-5512.

Have you ever seen a prairie burn?

Before the Europeans came to North America prairies burned regularly — sometimes many square miles at a time due to natural events such as lightning. Those natural burns usually occurred at least once very two or three years. Now prairies have to be burned to keep the woody plants from taking over.

Here’s a link to a YouTube video of a burn performed last November. Be sure to watch the end as new GREEN starts to appear.


Indian Mounds of Illinois Including the Chicago Area

Illinois has more Indian Mounds than you would think, each one with its own story. Jack has explored, studied, and compared the different sites. Join us and find out what he has learned. indian mounds 2

This is a free event.

Sunday, February 14 at 2 pm
LaGrange Park Library – 555 N LaGrange Road
Presenter Jack MacRae, retired DuPage Forest Preserve Naturalist


On Sunday, January 31st at 2 PM at the LaGrange Park Library follow the journey of  Jack and Diane Doyle as little by little with much luck and many unexplained coincidences they discover many compelling details surrounding the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald prompting them to dig further into the haunting tale of a Lake Superior tragedy. 
 Edmund Fitzgerals burnished color
Could any ship have endured the waves and winds of that horrific November storm of 1975?  What do we know of the captain and crew. And what is the legacy of the Edmund Fitzgerald?


santa dover

On  Sunday, December 6 at 2 pm at the Thomas Ford Memorial
Library, 800  Chestnut of Western Springs  ( The NW corner of
Chestnut and Wolf Road ) there will be a presentation on:
Researched and presented by Patricia Reaves
What better way to enjoy St. Nicholas Day than to learn the
meanings and originsof the many hand-me-down traditions
we faithfully keep every Christmas.