Happy 4th of July from STPS!

Save the Prairie Society would like to wish everyone and happy and healthy Independence Day. One of the things that makes America great and unique is our devotion to and care of National Public Lands like Wolf Road Prairie. This holiday weekend, get outdoors and enjoy the splendor of our natural and native ecosystems.

Here is a preview of what summer on the prairie looks like if you decide to take a trek to Wolf Road Prairie!



Photos by Fidencio Marbella

#Bumblebees at Wolf Road Prairie

Update: Thanks to volunteer and amazing photographer Fidencio Marbella, we have added even more pictures of bees!

Twitter user @Bumblebee_Watching was interested in seeing some photos of bumblebees at Wolf Road Prairie and we decided to make a post dedicated to these amazing and fascinating creatures to share with everyone!


If you enjoy insects as much as we do, be sure to join us for our Annual Insect Safari, where STPS President Lawrence Godson and Dr. Michael Rush will capture live insects on the prairie and discuss them with attendees. The Insect Safari is great for adults and kids alike so be sure to check it out!

And if you would like to see more flora and fauna from Wolf Road Prairie, be sure to check out our gallery!

Happy Memorial Day from STPS

Enjoy this Memorial Day with some of the beautiful sights on Wolf Road Prairie captured by Westchester Public Library Director Fidencio Marbella.

Spring is a wonderful time to connect with nature and Wolf Road Prairie is the perfect spot for doing so this holiday weekend! Come out and capture your own pictures and discover the amazing ecosystem that is Wolf Road Prairie.



Photos courtesy of Fidencio Marbella

Why Birders Should Be Flocking to Wolf Road Prairie

Spring has sprung in the Chicagoland area and that means life on Wolf Road Prairie has started to stir once again. In particular, we have seen great signs of the bird population on the prairie.

Earlier this week, the amazing Northern Marsh Harrier was spotted–a rare sight over the wetlands of Wolf Road Prairie.

Northern harrier (12344138524)



Also, be sure to join us for our Woodcock Spotting tours where as many as eight birds in one day have been observed.  If you are really lucky, you may even observe the woodcock courting dance.

So if you love birds, be sure to visit Wolf Road Prairie where you can spot these and many more wonderful birds!

Prairie Pyrotechnics!

Check out these great photos from the prescription burn last weekend at Wolf Road Prairie. Prescription burns aid in the health and management of prairies and put on a great show to boot!

Photos courtesy of Vito Martino and Lawrence Godson.

Before Winter

Winter is almost upon us but there are still many amazing natural sights and sounds to be found on the prairie. Visit Wolf Road Prairie for one last glimpse before snow blankets the natural landscape!



Photos courtesy of Fidencio Marbella