STPS Board Director Widmer selected as Person of the Year

Every January, The Village Free Press announces their choice for People of the Year. It is quite an honor to be recognized by this popular local newspaper.

It is with great pride that Save The Prairie Society can announce that our Prairie Steward and board director, Wyatt Widmer, was included on this year’s list of People of The Year. The paper
dedicated half a page to Widmer, highlighting his successful efforts to stop development on 15 acres of buffer land adjacent to Wolf Road Prairie.

The Village Free Press quoted Widmer’s own words:

“To disrupt the land near the prairie would also disrupt the land’s benefits to Westchester’s community, particularly as climate change poses more and more threats.”

“The prairie also works as one of the most effective forms of flood control, retaining water from flood events and preventing the surrounding properties from being overwhelmed by uncontrolled discharges.”